Cleaning and preparing your surface is crucial to making your wall sticker stick.  Using a clean dry cloth, wipe down your wall to make sure the surface is free of any dirt, dust or grime. If your wall has been recently painted, we advise waiting 4-6 weeks to ensure that the paint has fully cured.


During delivery your wall sticker becomes cold and slightly rippled, this is normal! Lay your wall sticker flat for an hour before application to warm up the adhesive to room temperature. Then, using a flat hard surface,  place your wall sticker design side down and rub firmly over the backing paper with your squeegee, removing bubbles and ripples.

Step 3: Test Run 

Before applying the wall sticker, you need to get your positioning right. Using masking tape, stick your wall sticker to the wall, moving until you are happy with your position.

Step 4: The Hinge Joint 

Now you are happy with your position, take a second piece of tape and apply directly down the centre of the sticker, making two halves. This will create a hinge splitting the large sticker into two manageable sections.

Step 5: The Peel

Once you have created your hinge, peel off the backing paper from the sticker up to your hinge tape. Keeping the sticker under tension cut away the backing paper. It is important to peel the paper away from the sticker and not the other way around, it will make it a lot easier to transfer your design. 

Step 6: The Stick

Keeping the tension in the wall sticker, use your squeegee to work your way from the hinge joint to the edge of the wall sticker pressing all of the design to the wall. 

Step 7: Second Hinge

Now it’s time for the opposite side.  Using the same method as in step 5 & 6, peel back the backing paper from the wall sticker, keep your wall sticker under tension and work your squeegee across the design from the centre to the edge.

Step 8: Bubble Removal

Your sticker is now on your wall but we need to make sure there are no bubbles, take your squeegee and rub firmly over all of the sticker design, if your design includes lettering, rub over each letter carefully. 

Step 9: The Reveal

It’s time to reveal your masterpiece! Starting with the top corner, slowly peal back the application tape leaving the design on the wall. Some times smaller details will prove a little tricky to remove from the backing paper, so just be patient and take your time. 

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